I’ve been bleeding chips all night, but it’s a small price to pay to watch her.

My croupier is my downfall. Her body encased in leather like a second skin. My fingers ache to catch the laces that hold her corset together. To pull them loose until her tantalising skin is revealed.

“Place your beds, gentleman.”


Even her voice is sin. It melts over me like chocolate; smooth and pours to my core. My eyes never leave her face as I lay down chips. Those hazel orbs are watching me too; she looks at no other. Her teeth tease her lower lips and I feel myself harden for her.

“Thirty-two red.”

I blink as she calls out. Looking down at the board, I see my chips on black twenty, and all my chips are almost gone.

Grabbing a business card, I write down my room number. Her come-hither stares and the way I’ve been the centre of her attention all night has me sure of the night ahead.

I leave my last $500 chip on top of my card. My intent is clear.

The sun has fully risen, and I sit alone. All I have is the fantasy.

Prompt: picture prompt
Word Count: 193 words

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