While You Were Sleeping

The lights were off as the end-titles of the movie faded to black leaving my room in a pale wash. Just enough light to see watch my best friend as she lay slumbering beside me.

Laura Wait had been a part of my life since we were six years old, and her mother Margaret blew into town and blew back out leaving Laura with her father while she “found herself”.


Her eyelashes fluttered against her flushed cheeks. Only Laura could blush in her sleep. I longed to delve inside her mind and find out exactly what – or who – she saw. I was in complete stalker mode as I watched her, but I couldn’t help it. I’d watched her every night she was in my bed. That was nothing new; Laura and I’d been sharing a bed for as long as we’d know each other.

Things had changed though. I might have been fifteen, but I wasn’t stupid. Waking up covered in cum after a dream involving Laura, naked and spread out in front of me was the first sign. I noticed things. Things like how her ass looked in a pair of skinny jeans, or how my fingers itched to run through her long, chestnut hair. Mostly, it was how I would get semi-hard every time she was near…like now.

She murmured in her sleep; unintelligible mutterings that made me love her more. Laura shuffled closer to me, some of her hair falling in her face. I gave into my wants and moved it back, so I could see her flushed cheeks again.

My beautiful best friend.

“The thing is, Laura Wait, I want to be more than friends.”

Prompt: Picture Prompt
Word Count: 280 words


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