About Me

This is the part where I am meant to make myself sound like the most interesting person ever – or at least sound like someone you would like to read! Sadly, that’s not me.

I’ve written fiction novels since I was 16 but after 4 books, I’ve lost the will to commit myself to starting another project. Some call it writers block, I call it procrastination. Yet still the plot bunnies still continue to breed my head, whispering ideas and making my fingers itch to put words to paper. In order to silence the hoppity creatures in my mind, I thought why not blog? So here I am.

I am a stranger in a foreign land. Well not so strange these days. I came out to Australia on holiday over seven years ago and didn’t ever leave. I even became a citizen last year, but as they say – you can take the Brit out of the UK but she’ll always be a Brit! These days I make my home on the harbour in the sunny city of Sydney. It was love at first sight and I’ve never looked back.

Apart from being a serial writer, I also like to design and sew all kinds of things – clothes, bags, baby bibs… When I ran out of space in my closet, I started to make handbags. When I had too many handbags, I started a hobby business selling handmade handbags and purses (wallets for my American readers). You can find my wonderful creations at Made By Zoe.

After a couple of years of trying, I’ve finally pulled on my big girl pants and started a blog. Come join me on this random and, sometimes interesting, wander through my mind – #nofilter!

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