The nerve-wracking first post

Welcome! It’s been a long time coming but at last I have struck this off my bucket list – Write a Blog! One post counts, right?

People have asked what my blog would be about – and then promptly rolled their eyes when I say “Life!”. Apparently, that’s been done. So how about I just say – my blog is about me! There’s so much going on in my life and it never seems to slow down or stop. It’s about my loves, my laughs and the random thoughts that keep me awake at 2am. It’s about my struggles, my sewing and my travels that take me further and further afield in this ever shrinking world. Read all about my vain attempts to put pen to paper again and write the next great Australian novel (or some chick-lit at the very least). Laugh at the inappropriate Minions GIFs and lament at my tales of the working week.

These are the snapshots of my thoughts. You’ve been given fair warning – enter at your own risk.