Christmas Sewing Marathon

My sewing machine looks longingly at me from my cutting table. It’s been relegated from my desk to the cutting table when I was finishing up my first semester of my MBA. I haven’t touched my favourite toy in 3 months. I’m definitely feeling it. Sewing is a balm to my stressful soul and for the last 4 months, my soul has been tearing its hair out over all the pressure.


So the weekend before I break from work for the holidays, I went through my stash…and that took a while. I think I have a serious stash problem. Some may call it hoarding but I think of it more as a collection! After I found the near-end of my stash and raked through my pattern collection, I made a Santa style list of things I wanted to make in the 2 and bit weeks I’m off. So I booked myself into Bobbin and Ink for a month subscription (they have a 5m cutting table!!!!) and it’s time to get cracking.

So the list is:

  1. Fix broken skirt zippers x 2
  2. Hem floral circle skirt…made 5 years ago!
  3. Thurlow Pants
  4. Vogue 8577 in blue confetti swap fabric
  5. Denim Maple Skirt in view A
  6. Vogue 1235 in purple Ponte
  7. Harlow Peplum by Violette Fields Patterns
  8. Vogue 1344 in polka dot swap material
  9. colour-block Sweetheart Dress by Pirates for Patterns in blue Ponte
  10. McCalls M7094 in View A
  11. Vogue 8950 in view B with slinky swap fabric (need to find stretch black lace :()
  12. Vinties Overalls by Tadah Patterns for a colleague’s wee boy
  13. Design a baby shoe pattern – because I need to keep my brain engaged

Ambitious? We’ll just have to find out…