Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

I’ve kinda taken some time out from blogging. For around 6 months, my health has been niggling at me. Small things like gaining 10 kgs despite the fact that I was working out at the gym five times a week. I was eating much better than I used to (only one Big Mac a month instead of once a week). My hair is also falling out, I mean clog the drain, coating everything falling out. Then there was the really dry skin which made me buy shares in Garnier and the deep throat that was put down to scarring after laryngitis.

Eventually my friend convinced me to go see the Doc, even if it was just to be told to cut out the Big Mac all together (hell, no!!). So off I toddle. Doc thinks that it could be one of a couple of things; poly cystic ovary syndrome, Cushing syndrome or, given my family history, thyroid issues and so began a whole round of blood tests. I was pricked twice for more blood than would sustain a vampire and then packed off to get an ultrasound on my throat. 

I’ve got to wait a few days for the result but given the ultrasound technician said “wow, that’s some lump!” I’m not holding my breath for an easy result.